A Truly Effective Buddy Signaling Device

Divers need a way to Keep in Touch with their Buddy underwater.  Buddy-Link is the convenient and effective solution.  The Buddy-Link is a thumb-size device that attaches unobtrusively to the outside of your mask.  It transmits an ultrasonic digital signal when you tap its button.  Your Buddy’s unit responds by flashing multicolored lights in your Buddy’s peripheral vision and sounding a matching tune.

There are various noise-makers for getting your Buddy’s attention, but they cannot be reliably heard over breathing and ambient noise unless they are loud enough to be a nuisance to other divers.  Underwater noise-makers use a public channel, whereas Buddy-Links use a private channel between units that have been mated together.


  • Small and convenient in size.  Easy to mount out of the way.
  • Attaches securely to outside of mask with both suction cup and tether.
  • Range of over 100 feet, independent of visibility.
  • Flashing blue beacon on top aids in spotting Buddy.
  • Warning indicator when Buddy is near limit of range.
  • Can be mated to any other unit.  No need to purchase a “matching” set.
  • Can be mated in pairs or larger groups.
  • 500 channels allow multiple diver pairs/groups to operate in the same area.
  • Battery charge will last for 10 - 15 dives even if used once a minute during every dive.
  • Embedded lithium polymer battery is rechargeable up to 500 times (equivalent to 5000 to 7500 dives).
  • Battery charge level is indicated by color of light blip every second.
  • Can be charged from included charger, any USB port, or AC charger.
  • Included battery charger works with one AA battery (lithium, alkaline Ultra, or NiMH).
  • Adjusts to ambient lighting, dimming for night, wreck, or cave diving.
  • Audio Sound can be disabled.
  • Works in open water and in confined spaces such as pools, caverns, and wrecks.
  • Completely encapsulated in polyurethane.  No moving parts or seals to leak underwater.
  • Five-year limited warranty including 3,000 hours of battery operation.
  • Twenty-page spiral bound User Manual is printed on waterproof paper with color diagrams and photos.
  • Attractively packaged in a water-resistant Pelican case with molded polyurethane foam liner.  Kit includes 2 B-Link units, 2 Lanyards, a Charging Station, a DC-to-DC Battery Charger, a connecting cable, and a User Manual.
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Signal your Buddy by simply tapping the "virtual button" depression on the face of the Buddy-Link.
  • Your Buddy’s unit responds by flashing multicolored lights and sounding a matching tune.
  • You will know your Buddy has received your signal when your B-Link flashes an Acknowledgement light.
  • Your signal is automatically resent if no Acknowledgement is received.
  • One tap and two taps generate different flashing patterns and sounds.  The significance is up to you.
  • Four taps will send a Public signal.  All Buddy-Links that are within range will respond by flashing a "French Siren" light pattern and sound.
  • Distance to Buddy is indicated by color of light when button is pressed.

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